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Analyze the reason why the flake ice machine needs to add salt

Flake ice machines are divided into fresh water flake ice machines and sea water flake ice machines, but fresh water flake ice machines need to add a certain proportion of salt water, which needs to be lower than the concentration of sea water. The purpose of adding salt in our flake ice machines is to make ice flakes easier Form, improve the quality of the flake ice, make the ice cube look more suitable in size, and have a better visual effect. The ice cube is easy to fall off and reduce the power loss of the equipment. But what is the reason for the need to add salt to the flake ice machine? How to add salt: Press the start/stop button to start the flake ice machine, add salt according to the above-mentioned salt ratio, and then fill the salt water bucket with salt water to mix, and then put the salt water pump into the liquid pipeline of the water-proof salt water bucket. Note: 1: After adding salt, observe the operation of the flake ice machine and the size and shape of the ice cubes. Once the ice flakes are found to be broken, the ice making machine will be accompanied by the harsh sound of cutting ice. At this time, it means that the salt water has not been added to the water tank. .

2: There is air in the inlet and outlet pipes, which affects the accuracy of the salt pump. The correct operation method is that the outlet pipe nozzle of the salt pump sucks in air. When salt water is felt in the mouth, observe whether there are water droplets in the outlet pipe of the salt water pump. , Once there are water droplets indicating that the equipment is normal, then insert the brine pump outlet pipe into the water tank.

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