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Analysis on the purpose of adding salt to commercial snowflake ice machine and the maintenance of brine pipe


  The commercial snowflake cbfi ice machine is running, but the ice flakes are transparent and have a large water content, which is easy to melt. The ice flakes have no use value, and there are abnormal noises in the ice bucket. Explain that the commercial snowflake ice machine is malfunctioning. The specific reasons and maintenance methods are as follows.

  1. Possible reasons: no salt water is added in the commercial snowflake ice machine or the salt water concentration is too low;    repair method: please follow the instructions of the salt water pump in the manual to supplement the salt water, and the commercial snowflake ice machine adds salt Proportion.  2, possible cause: the commercial snowflake ice machine brine pipeline is blocked, or the brine pump is damaged;    solution: check the commercial snowflake ice machine cleaning pipeline to ensure that the brine is filled normally, or contact the commercial snowflake ice machine manufacturer to replace the brine pump.  3. Possible cause: There is air in the brine pipe inside the machine;   Maintenance method: completely exhaust the air to ensure the normal supply of brine to the inlet and outlet pipes in the pipe. Use the mouth to suck the air out of the outlet pipe of the saline pump. Feel the salt water in the mouth, and then observe whether there is water dripping out of the salt water pump outlet pipe. If water drips out evenly, it is normal, and then insert the salt water pump outlet pipe into the water tank.

   By the way, why do commercial snowflake ice machines need to add salt? The purpose of adding salt is to make the ice flakes better shape.   1. Improve the quality of borneol, dry and loose, and borneol is more beautiful.  2. The size of the ice flakes is about 1.0-2.5 thickness, and the diameter is about 12 to 45 mm. Irregular ice flakes are formed without salt. The ice flakes are easily broken and easy to melt.  3. Adding salt to commercial snowflake ice maker will make the ice flakes fall off more easily, protect the equipment, and consume less electricity.  4. If salt is not added, the ice flakes will stick to the inner wall of the evaporator, which is not conducive to ice scraping by the ice skates. Commercial snowflake ice machines will make a harsh sound and easily damage the ice skates and evaporator.  Only by knowing why and the purpose of adding salt to commercial snowflake ice machines, can we better grasp the method and proportion of salt in commercial snowflake ice machines.

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