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Analysis of the key points for the use of the snowflake ice maker

Today, let’s take a look at the points of attention for the use of the Snowflake :      Snowflake Operation Precautions:      1. The Snowflake does not matter for any reason (water shortage, excessive ice volume, power failure, etc.) When stopping, do not start continuously, and restart every 5 minutes to avoid damage to the compressor!      2. Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe joints to deal with a small amount of residual water that may leak!      3. When ice making and crushing ice are not in use, they should be drained. Drain the remaining water in the inner tank, dry the inner tank of the refrigerator with a clean cloth, unscrew the drain connector cover behind the box to drain the residual water in the water tank, and then tighten the drain connector cover!      4. When the ambient temperature drops to When the temperature is below O℃, there is a possibility of freezing. Drain the water and drain the water, otherwise it may cause the water inlet pipe to rupture!      5. Please unplug the ice machine when cleaning, inspecting and not using it for more than a week Power plug.     6. The drain pipe should be checked 1 to 2 times a year to prevent blockage. Precautions for installation of snowflake ice maker:      1. The cbfi ice machine should be installed in a place far away from heat sources, without direct sunlight, and well ventilated. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to prevent excessively high ambient temperature from causing poor cooling of the condenser. Affect the ice making effect. The ground on which the ice maker is installed should be firm and level, and the ice maker must be level, otherwise it will cause no ice removal and noise during operation.     2. The clearance between the back and the left and right sides of the ice maker is not less than 30cm, and the top clearance is not less than 60cm. The ice maker should use an independent power supply, dedicated line power supply with fuses and leakage protection switches, and reliable grounding.    4. The water used by the ice maker must meet the national drinking water standards, and a water filter device should be installed to filter impurities in the water to avoid clogging the water pipe and polluting the water tank and ice mold. And affect the ice making performance.     5. When transporting the ice machine, handle it carefully to prevent violent vibration. The handling slope should not be less than 45 degrees. After long-distance transportation, the ice machine should be placed for 2-6 hours before opening the machine ice.     6. When cleaning the ice machine, turn off the power. It is strictly forbidden to flush the machine directly with the water pipe. Use neutral detergent for scrubbing, and it is strictly forbidden to clean with acidic, alkaline and other corrosive solvents.     7. The ice maker must unscrew the water inlet hose head for two months to clean the water inlet valve filter to avoid sand and mud impurities in the water from blocking the water inlet, causing the water inlet to become smaller and causing no ice production.     8. The dust on the surface of the condenser must be cleaned every two months. Poor condensation and heat dissipation will cause damage to the compressor components. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, a small brush, etc. to clean the oil and dust on the condensing surface. Do not use sharp metal tools to clean, so as not to damage the condenser.     9. The water pipe, sink, refrigerator and protective film of the ice maker should be cleaned every two months.     10. When the cbfi ice machine is not in use, it should be cleaned, and the ice mold and moisture in the box should be blown dry with a hair dryer. It should be placed in a non-corrosive gas and ventilated and dry place. Avoid storing in the open air.     The above is an analysis of the main points of attention in the use of the snowflake ice machine, so please remember to pay attention when using it.
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