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Analysis of the cause of the fault that the snowflake ice maker has been draining

Analysis of the cause of the failure of the snowflake Tube Ice Machine to drain the water. The Tube Ice Machine is a refrigeration mechanical equipment that generates ice after being cooled by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system of the evaporator. The refrigeration system is adopted. The principle and production method of the evaporator of the whole equipment are different. The shape of the ice cubes generated will also be different, but how to solve the problem of water drainage during the ice making process of the snowflake ice machine? The continuous drainage failure of the Snowflake ice maker is the cause analysis of the system ice blockage:   1: After the evaporator is damaged, the water molecules in the freezer and the water vapor molecules in the air will be brought into the compressor after long-term startup. Negative pressure occurs when the machine is turned on, and atmospheric pressure brings the moisture in the damp into the inside of the device.  2: In the process of pressurized leak test, the water vapor in the air is compressed into water and injected into the pipe will cause ice blockage.   3: The process tube of the equipment was not sealed after being opened, and maintenance was not performed in time. Long-term shelving of frost, and occasionally turning on the machine, the moisture in the air will be brought into the machine from outside the nozzle. There is also a compressor that is not sealed but has not been used for a long time, and it is used on frost without drying treatment, which will cause ice blockage or dirty blockage.  4: The filter drier has been used for too long, resulting in aging of the equipment and failure of the drying and water absorption function. The solution to the price of small Tube Ice Machine is that the internal structure of the snowflake ice machine is more complicated. Once the ice block is found, we should contact the seller in time for after-sales treatment. Do not handle it by yourself, because your own technology is unprofessional, which will cause a second time. Equipment damage phenomenon.
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