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Analysis of market overview of industrial ice machines and commercial ice machines


Currently, competition in the industrial and commercial ice machine industry is mainly reflected in market competition and technological competition. In the past 10 years, various companies have different expressions in different application fields, but there are certain differences in market share.

  Industrial ice machines require a corresponding refrigeration system due to their large ice production capacity, and due to large differences in use requirements, they often need to go through non-standard products and refrigeration and corresponding circulating water and electric control System design, factory prefabrication, and on-site assembly require strong professional technical capabilities.

   Most of the products with a small amount of ice made in commercial ice machines are sold as molded products made in the factory, which can be used when connected to the power supply; ice machines with a large amount of ice are generally split ; There are also some similar industrial ice machines. Therefore, small and medium-sized commercial ice machines compete fiercely in the domestic market. They account for a large share of international catering groups such as chain supermarkets, retail industries, food processing, hotel groups, civil aviation systems, KFC and McDonald's.

   Because my country’s traditional way of life is different from that of Western countries, domestic ice machines have not yet formed a large-scale market in Chinese households. The domestic ice machine manufacturers in my country are mainly targeting foreign markets.

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