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Ammonia refrigeration principle is introduced

Cold water machine the application of ammonia absorption refrigeration on the basis of the thermodynamic properties of ammonia solution, namely it can strongly absorb ammonia vapor at room temperature, and at high temperature and ammonia steam can be released. He is the same as that of the lithium bromide absorption refrigeration, is based on consumption of thermal energy to compensate for a liquid cooling way. The difference is that by ammonia as a industrial ice machine can obtain zero. ° C under low temperature: in addition. Because of ammonia and the boiling point of water is better than lithium bromide differ with the boiling point of water is big, in the generator in the evaporation of ammonia vapor contained more water, directly affect the refrigeration efficiency and service life of the entire device, so ammonia absorption refrigeration cycle must be set in the distillation process, in order to obtain relatively pure ammonia steam.

in order to make ammonia continuously in the steam evaporation heat, refrigeration, must constantly add liquid ammonia into the evaporator; At the same time, in order to maintain a certain amount of pressure in the evaporator, and constantly take steam evaporation form. In ammonia compression machine, compressor, is adopted to realize the function, compressor suction low pressure steam continuously. Then its compressed at high temperature and high pressure condition, discharge into the condenser at room temperature into a liquid ammonia condenser, again through the throttle valve into the evaporator to achieve continuous refrigeration, in ammonia absorption chiller, using ammonia solution cycle to complete the function of the compressor, the use of ammonia solution of ammonia vapor absorption characteristics, let him in the heart of the absorber low pressure ammonia steam absorb in the evaporator. Thickened by absorbing ammonia steam ammonia solution is pumped into the high voltage generator, heated by high temperature heat source, solution of ammonia steam ( Contains water vapor) Vaporizing out again, after distillation process is called pure ammonia steam, and then is cooled in the condenser, condenses into liquid helium, released latent heat of vaporization liquid helium coolant through the throttle device, returned to the evaporator of evaporation heat, so the cycle, continuous cooling.
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