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Aluminium chloride experiment

Aluminum nitride and the experimental study of oxygen-free copper interface thermal resistance at low temperature of

solid contact interface thermal resistance is determined by many factors, like the interface temperature and interface structure, contact pressure, etc. Due to the changes of material properties under low temperature, the complexity of the interface, uncertainty and interface thermal resistance model of incomplete and makes the interface thermal resistance prediction is being challenged. Because of high efficiency of aluminum nitride with high heat conductivity and electric insulation, copper has good electrical conductivity, and widely used in large scale integrated circuit ( Such as the computer's CPU, direct cooling heat closure structure of the superconducting system) , constitute the A1N - OFHC contact interface. In these applications require the contact interface thermal resistance as small as possible, make the work produces a rapid release of joule heat, the normal and stable work of the electronic device or superconducting system. Due to the theoretical predictions on the difficulties, reduce and control the contact interface thermal resistance is necessary for certain experimental research.

, based on one dimensional steady state heat conduction Fourier law of axial heat flux method, by a pair of samples to get know temperature measuring points on the local temperature, then use the inverse heat conduction problem identification method for aluminum nitride and oxygen-free copper interface HC value.

in the contact interface thermal resistance of the study, carried out extensive research abroad, our country also has carried on the related research, John shen, Zhang Cunquan, Tony wong on theory and calculation of the contact interface of the temperature difference is analyzed, huazhong university of science and technology of RaoRong water, Wang Huiling etc for high temperature superconducting direct contact cooling in the design of interface thermal resistance problems also conducted a series of experiments and theoretical research.
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