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Air volume and the refrigerating capacity of the relationship

The refrigerating capacity of the evaporator = M * h1 - h2) Size has nothing to do with air, but the heat to the environment and relationship, the greater the volume heat transfer, the better, air volume and refrigerating capacity have relations.

in fact, different heat exchanger structure, economic and reasonable flow, Because of its size equipment area will not change, then the change of the flow is actually the change of flow velocity) 。 Insufficient flow rate is too small, so the heat exchange. Flow rate is too large to fan the requirement of the air pressure is too high, also not economic, velocity again big also increase not much change the heat ( Is related to) And may even cause harm to the equipment.

to exclude fan economical problem with capacity, under normal circumstances, when the air volume increase, the heat exchanger in heat is increased, the evaporation temperature to rise, at this point the refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system with improved ( Outlet air temperature will rise, of course) 。 On the other hand, the heat transfer is reduced, evaporation temperature drop, outlet air temperature drops, but the capacity decline.

so try to increase under the condition of allowing medium circulation, the aim of the evaporation temperature is to increase the cooling efficiency. But what exactly can improve how much is the limit, then according to the unit use situation of the cooling process requirement to order, supply air temperature difference between the temperature and the cooling medium is too small, it will not be able to meet the conditions of heat transfer.
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