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Air source heat pump

Cold water machine the development of civilization.

air source heat pump is the double function of summer and winter heating water for cold water, save a complex set of cooling water system and boiler heating system, installation is very convenient, and its application is very extensive, especially in the summer to refrigeration and heating of the winter should be area popular, due to the air as a heat source and cold source can greatly save water, also avoid the pollution of water quality; Top air source heat pump in buildings or outdoor work platform, eliminating the special refrigeration unit and boiler room. But due to the heat capacity of the air is small, heat transfer performance is poor, he only water surface heat transfer coefficient of 1/50 ~ 1/100, so the air side of the air source heat pump in the heat of the volume is relatively large; But because of containing moisture in the air, when the air side surface temperature is less than 0 & deg; C, finned tube surface will frost, heat transfer capacity will drop after frost, reduce the heating, so the air source heat pump to take when working under heating condition of defrosting. In recent years, the use of air source heat pump on international scope and improve its economy research is more, have developed the low temperature air source heat pump and high efficiency of the air source heat pump.

the current air source heat pump unit in accordance with the use of different types of compressor can be divided into three categories of products, mainly for reciprocating piston type air source heat pump, the vortex type air source heat pump and spiral air source heat pump, the industrial ice machine has been developed from traditional R22 to everything, R407c, R410A. And according to the structure of the unit and air source heat pump can be divided into combination of membrane block and integral two types respectively with two different type of shape unit. Combining membrane block type air source heat pump is composed of multiple independent circuit unit, each unit has a compressor, an air side heat exchanger and a water side heat exchanger, connect pipe after several units together into an independent unit, and the integral air source heat pump by a compressor or many sets of compressor is set machine, but Shared a water side heat exchanger. Air source heat pump capacity range from 5 to 2000 kw, basically USES the air side heat exchanger of aluminum fin sets of brass tube, the arrangement is h, v, L, and various w-shaped, h and w form for more capacity of the unit; Water side heat exchanger side is the large capacity units with shell and tube heat exchanger is given priority to, small capacity unit can be a shell and tube type, plate and tube type heat exchanger. Air source heat pump with heat recovery capability has become a selling point in recent years.

reciprocating piston type air source heat pump had largely with semi-closed multi-cylinder piston compressor, each compressor often for level 3 or level 4 capacity control, each completed a separate cooling circuit. The aircraft mature technology, the price is economic, reliable operation. But this type of unit due to the low efficiency, large noise and adopted by the industrial ice machine of R22, the volume of recent years has been a declining trend, its original market is gradually and spiral vortex type air source heat pump and other models.

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