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Air-filled type industrial water chiller

The characteristics of the air-cooled type industrial industrial ice machine

type air-cooled chiller is adopts air cooling method, and the refrigeration cycle of all the parts and components assembly, to the preparation of a monolithic cold water chiller. It is suitable for the water shortage or water supply and the inconvenience of the area. Due to rely on air cooled condensing heat refrigeration cycle, the air flow fan, need real suction effect of axial fan is the most main, forced convection, heat removal through the condenser cooling surface, so that the unit should be installed on the outside, such as roof open free space. If restricted by field condition, air-cooled aircrew have to install in indoor, or by a certain limit of space, lead to row blast would be unobstructed, the need for cooling air intake and exhaust airflow organization to make proper arrangement. In this case, sometimes have to request to add the appropriate length of exhaust duct. So, common axial fan unit cannot meet this requirement, need to adopt special equipped with centrifuge fan air cooling type industrial water chiller. But because of the characteristic of the centrifugal fan itself, with the centrifugal fan air cooling type industrial chiller capacity generally small.

it must be pointed out: 1) Air cooling mode compared with water, however, due to the summer cooling medium inlet temperature is high, the performance of the heat exchanger is also poor, so the running energy consumption indexes are usually higher than water; Due to the air as cooling medium density is small, small heat capacity, under the compatibility of heat, the required air volume is big, so need to heat transfer surface area is big, high production cost and price;

compare air-cooled type industrial water chillers, Including the following has the same characteristics of air cooling unit of air source heat pumps, Performance, often first is concerned with the operation of the highest level of noise. The operation of each factory relay reduces the noise. Practical experience shows that the air-filled type noise source yo catch is that the fan of the unit.

to reduce the noise of the fan operation unit, generally adopt the following measures:

use external rotator type speed adjustable motor or pole changing motor. As the load effect, the condensing pressure sensor sensing the condensing pressure is reduced, control motor and fan, reduce the speed. In this way, the unit can be under partial load operation condition, especially at night, can run below the noise level of measurement under the rated conditions.

increase the cooling area of the condenser, and reducing the rated speed fan.

the multipolar motor, to reduce the rated speed of the fan.
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