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Air cooling and water cold water machine

Sorching summer, how to let oneself shop refrigeration effect is better, how to choose the sort of cold water machine is the most effective? — Cold water machine
the general cold water machine are divided into two kinds: the wind cold water machine and water cold water machine.
the wind cold water machine to the work environment the demand is higher, it is hot air circulation to refrigeration, in its fuselage contains insulation water tank and water pump, no need to add cooling towers for heat dissipation. Installation and movement is very convenient, but if the installation workshop ventilation effect is bad, will directly affect the cold water machine the refrigeration effect. In addition if you want to put cold water machine with humidity requirements of dust-free workshop, best adapted water-cooled. Because of the wind cold water machine, will be at the top of the machine spewed steam to heat dissipation.
water cold water machine, and can be divided into the open, hermetic ( Some called box) And the screw. Must first statement, water-cooled chillers, are also the cooling water tower and water pump, to pump hot water cooling. To achieve good cooling effect.
open cold water machine, not the sealed, it also holds a tank, additionally, because his own built in a tank. Open generally installed in the workshop outside somewhere, he maintenance convenient, but not beautiful, so produce the sealed water-cooling industrial ice machine, because it's a box body structure, so popular. But if you claim to the refrigerating capacity is very large, be about to choose screw chillers, at this time we usually call it water chiller.
cold water machine can be use in vacuum equipment of form a complete set. Such cold water machine is in high quality vacuum equipment such as molecular pump, small vacuum coating machine, such as demand, in the cold water machine form a complete set of medical laser equipment. Water treatment of cooling water machine for this kind of unique characteristics, making it a medical laser equipment supporting the ideal choice for supporting laboratory equipment. This series cold water machine is also widely applied in atomic absorption spectrum analyzer, fermentation equipment, reaction kettle, electrophoresis system capillary, transblot system, chest, etc.
cold water machine in the process of using it is important to note: first slot should join before using liquid medium, second power using work shall be determined according to the machine model, power should be greater than or equal to the total power instrument, power supply must have a good grounding, cold water machine should be placed in dry ventilated place again, and to the side away from obstructions after 400 mm distance, after the last completed with cold water machine, all switch off, take the plug, with a bulb, hose slot of the liquid. Cold water machine can use the condensation to form a complete set of experiment equipment. Such as rotary evaporation, condensation tube, stable temperature control, temperature, condensing the efficiency high characteristic, which can effectively improve the recovery rate. Its fluid purification function at the same time, can avoid pipeline jam, microbial growth.
so, choose the cold water machine, use which is a manufacturer of cold water machine is also very important.
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