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Air cooled screw chiller upgrading scheme

Air cooled screw chiller usage: twelve years have been used, in the use of the nine years to replace 2 piece of condenser fin ( A total of four) Unit, unit operation fault is more, the accessories need to import and coordination &liaision instead longer, recommend replacing a water cooled screw chiller, CSH530 computer control, the domestic production, spare parts supply fast) 。 And condenser heat dissipation fin weathering, plus the COP is low and the external environment influence is big, cause condensation effect, thus affecting the long-term reliable operation of the unit.

a, the present situation analysis of

1. The original design conditions: evaporator inlet water temperature: 48 Deg F evaporator water temperature: 39. 2 Deg F condenser inlet air temperature: 95 Deg F evaporator water flow rate: 270 GPM ( Capacity) 292 GPM( Design) Evaporator blockage factor: 0. 0025人力资源- 平方英尺, 度F
2。 Choose air cooled screw chiller, Carrying capacity is 107. 8吨 Design conditions of the freezing point of water: 32 Deg F low temperature protection control feature/set up the differential protection switch - before and after the evaporator Guarantee the pump running normally only can open refrigerating units)

2, compared to the old and new unit parameters:
note: using replacement plan 1 unit cop basic remains the same, the same power consumption and the original water chiller, we consider the water cooled chiller of the replacement plan 2.

3, unit replacement energy saving analysis because of the chilled water system loop basically remain unchanged, only need to increase the water chillers and its corresponding cooling water system, the following is a replacement of the unit and the corresponding auxiliary equipment.
replace solution power consumption statistics are as follows:
the replaced water cooled screw industrial ice machine scheme, under the precondition of satisfy refrigeration, about 59 can save electric energy. 4千瓦。
in accordance with the unit running 24 hours a day, running 8000 hours, electricity price is 0. Unit 8 yuan/KWH, the average load factor of 65%, save electricity for:
59. 4 x65%x8000x0。 8 = 245440 yuan. Unit replacement overall cost actual cost 530000, about two and a half years to recover the investment costs.

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