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Air-cooled heat pump

Air-cooled heat pump by the air-cooled heat pump chiller, water heat exchanger, solenoid valve, frozen water circulating pump, computer control system. Is air conditioning refrigerating unit, and can take the place of the boiler, to provide heating and provide life with hot water all the year round.

air-cooled heat pump units in summer, it can provide chilled water, at the same time using the refrigerator out with hot water, the waste heat of heating life saving energy; When winter open air conditioning, can provide heating hot water, at the same time provide living with hot water; Age season can substitute for the boiler to provide raw enclosed with hot water, economize boiler room of basic construction investment. Suitable for medium and small hotels, guest houses, villas and residential use of large-area, can refrigeration in summer and winter outdoor temperature is greater than the - 10 ℃ can heating area, and to provide life with hot water all year round.

air-cooled heat pump working principle is the summer air-cooled heat pump industrial ice machine work in the working condition of refrigeration, the refrigeration working medium from the machine of high temperature and high pressure gas flow into the refrigerating agent - - The life and the water heat exchanger with hot water to heat exchange, use waste heat to heat life with hot water. Life by hot water circulating pump into refrigerating agent - with hot water - After water heat exchanger, heat flow into the hot water pipe network, for the use of the hot water faucet, the rest of the hot water into the hot water tank, the water pump as power continue to make hot water circulating water pipe network, continuously using waste heat heating with hot water of life.

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