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Air-cooled chiller selection

Buy air cooled chiller ( Hereinafter referred to as: cold water machine) , the first thing to consider is how to selection. Usually, we from the following several aspects to consider:

1. Cold water machine the capacity: according to the in and out of the water temperature, water flow, calculate the refrigerating capacity, this is the first condition of selection.

2. Water tank, water pump, the host is bringing water tank, water pump. Cold water machine below 40 HP usually bring water tank, pump, facilitating the clients to install and use. Of course, if you have any tank don't need to use the site with a water tank.

3. Cold water machine industrial ice machine: if customers have special requirements, usually using R22 as industrial ice machine in the domestic cold water machine.

4. If there is a special process: such as electroplating industry, evaporator generally choose acid or alkali resistant material; Laser industry, the requirement and water contact parts material must be stainless steel, these items are also want to consider.

cold water machine adopts international brand compressor, the built-in security protection, low noise; Adopt brand pump, large flow, high efficiency; Electrical part adopts international brand, to ensure that the machines work stability, long service life. Select the cold water machine, cold water machine there is always a right for you.

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