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Air-cooled chiller running in low temperature environment

industrial ice machine on the market at present - is the minimum refrigeration operating environment temperature 19 ℃, there has been no can in - 40 ℃ environment temperature refrigeration operation. Because in the extremely low temperatures, cold air cooled mechanism of cold runtime cannot be started, the problem such as low pressure protection and compressor fault.

run in low temperature environment of can overcome low temperature, meet - Normal operation of 40 ℃ ambient temperature of low temperature air cooled chiller. Can continue to refrigeration used in low temperature environment, to ensure that nuclear power unit cooling water supply. This unit USES the dry evaporator with a combination of secondary oil separator, the temperature, oil pressure unit control, thus ensuring air-cooled water chillers to overcome the low temperature refrigeration continuously, provide cold water for nuclear power unit circulation, its high reliability, high cooling efficiency, make nuclear power unit operation more safe and stable.
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