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Air-cooled chiller one of four items: air-cooled condenser

industrial ice machine one of four items: air-cooled condenser. Its generally made with copper pipe, the pipe refrigerants, outside the configuration aluminum fin in order to obtain larger heat transfer surface area. Use air-cooled condenser heat transfer surface has been for many years. And the effect is quite good also. Some manufacturers also use copper fin tube, and the high salt content in the air can read of corrosion on aluminum, manufacturers often use special materials for aluminum fin as surface coating.

the specifications of the air-cooled condenser to hundreds of tons. Air-cooled condenser do not need to use the cooling tower, at the same time avoid the cooling water of all kinds of fault. Adoption of air-cooled condenser system won't appear condensation temperature is too low. Water cooled condenser normal temperature for ℉ or so commonly, and air-cooled condenser temperature heat exchange area of about 20 different per ton ℉ - Between 30 ℉. Visible, the exhaust pressure difference is very big, this will naturally affect the chiller operating costs. Air-cooled chillers are so popular because it almost does not need maintenance.

cold water machine:
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