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Air-cooled chiller on how to adjust the condensing pressure through air side

Cold water machine the change in method of air volume, air cooled condenser fan motor variable speed, the condenser inlet or outlet is installed on the choke valve, condenser equipped with more than a fan, also can change the fan running the Numbers.

with the fan running the Numbers to adjust air volume fan ON/OFF control, can according to the environmental temperature is one or several so fan OFF. But note: must maintain at least a fan, the fan ON/OFF control method is unfavorable in the condenser with only one fan of device use, otherwise too fast frequent fan and condensing pressure fluctuations. Stop motion can't stable work, fan ON/OFF control the disadvantages of slay condensing pressure fluctuations.

with a choke valve, a throttle air blowing through the condenser is also to reduce the air volume, improve the condensing pressure, using this method should take into account the characteristic curve of the fan's ability to adapt to conditions change. Some models of the fan with the throttle, air volume decline. Rise, wind resistance and power efficiency decreases obviously, should avoid to use.

the fan speed regulating air volume has ideal effect, it is better than the fan ONOFF control can achieve stable condensing pressure, are available in electronic fan speed controller air-cooled industrial ice machine condensing pressure condenser variable air volume control.

cold water machine:
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