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Air-cooled chiller how to through the by-pass adjustment method to control the condensing pressure

industrial ice machine is one of the chiller, due to the use of air-cooled condenser with air as cooling medium, heat flow through the air will take away the name. industrial ice machine while eliminating the water supply system, and thus reduce the cost, less limited installation location; The air side pressure is low, so the operation cost is low. But due to poor performance of thermal conductivity of air, heat capacity is small, the air temperature is strongly influenced by environmental and season, causing a greater difference between the condensing pressure in winter and summer. This defect directly affects the performance and the refrigeration capacity of refrigeration equipment, so it is necessary to make reasonable adjustment to the condensing pressure.
cold water machine the condensing pressure regulating methods are mainly from the refrigerant change refrigerant flow and change the flow of cooling air from the air side. And how to through the by-pass adjustment method to control the condensing pressure? Particular way is as follows:
in the condenser outlet pipe on the road to install a pressure regulator, the entrance of the refrigeration compressor exhaust pipe and the accumulator tube indirectly a differential pressure regulator. Using the above method, should pay attention to:
(1) cooling system must be set in the high pressure accumulator;
(2) the high pressure accumulator volume should be enough big, filled volume of the refrigerant in the system to be enough, to ensure the possible maximum effusion in condenser, liquid in the accumulator is high pressure, prevent the empty in the accumulator, the differential pressure valve side of the heat directly rushed to the front of the expansion valve, expansion valve can't work normally.
this method is mainly used to prevent winter boot compressor, condenser and low pressure in the accumulator.

cold water machine:
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