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Air-cooled chiller how to add refrigerant

Air-cooled chiller how to add refrigerant, under normal circumstances the refrigerant filling not less charge nor more filling. industrial ice machine filling refrigerant, simply shut down after good vacuum refrigeration equipment three-way valve, stop the vacuum pump, with the vacuum pump and the pressure hose connector to be removed, in between the produced liquid quantitative filling machine; Or can be removed and the three-way valve and pressure hose connector, connecting quantitative filling machine received valve pressure hose connector. Open the liquid valve will discharge the air in the hose, then tighten hose connection, check whether the leak.

plus refrigerants methods: when using time filling machine add refrigerant, only at the end of the time, take time to stop valve closing time filling machine, open the liquid valve, filling refrigerant to the refrigeration system.

plus refrigerants steps: plus refrigerants, the need to observe filling pressure gauge readings on the scale rotating sleeve, found on the sleeve and the pressure gauges corresponding quantitative liquid line, write down the initial liquid level calibration of refrigerant inside the glass tube. Then open the three-way valve, refrigerant through the hose into the refrigeration system, refrigerant inside the glass tube liquid level began to decline. When meet the filling quantity, close the filling valve on the liquid and the 3-way valve (pos. No. , so refrigerant can be added to complete.

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