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Air-cooled chiller

Air-cooled chiller property that is the whole machine,, shorten the machine and the condenser and evaporator in all the way. Cold water machine cooling important have two:

A. Direct cooling: plating solution directly through process filter or filter into the freezer evaporator temperature oxidation groove again. Property air-cooled and water-cooled chillers points, if the Lord refers to the condensation of the condenser. Receive dominating type cold water machine water as refrigerant, and relying on between water and lithium bromide solution, cooling off in order to achieve a strong affinity. Water cooled property will be expected to set up the water tower, cold water machine dominating towers umbrella to heat water. Cold water machine according to the individual can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled refrigeration situation, on craft, water-cooled than eer than air-cooled beyond 300 to 500 kcal/h. On price, water-cooled much lower than the air; On installation, water should be included in the cooling tower before operation, air cooling is removable, no other sponsorship, but with fan cooling, only some requests to sight: such as wind, humidity, temperature is not above 40 & deg; C, the air is ph, etc.
B. Indirect cooling: oxidation groove in the shop to buy titanium tube, titanium process of chilled water through a pipe away crossing the fluid heat cooling principle; If spread titanium tube find it hard to add a heat exchanger ( Need to be made of titanium alloy) While frozen water solution. In air conditioning workshop operation, the whole machine will need to set the exhaust duct cooling fan blow out quantity of heat to outdoor. 2, in the cold water machine the hour of trial, but also is a direct cooling, or indirect cooling. For larger power property of , then you need to consider the work of the condenser cooling fan cooling problem. So, in the selection of the hour, want to consider in this area. Indirect cooling is equivalent to put the water in the basin, in a small basin, above the tub, put to the product of cooling in the small basin of indirect cooling off relatively less.

cold water machine is a kind of process after steam shortening or receive cycle to achieve energy-saving mechanical cooling off.

。 If if need 3 per hour. Five cubic traffic of the cold water machine, should choose a larger aircraft. Commonly known as freezer, refrigerator, cold water machine, water machine, cold water machine, cooling machine, water-cooled machine, etc. The cooling of optimal shortcoming problem: good cooling time is short, the end; Shortcoming problem needs to be done is evaporator anticorrosive freedom ( Individual using titanium alloy) , in the evaporator fouling easily, need to regular cleaning, otherwise affect the cooling end and mechanical operation. 3, some user action pool for cooling, has the following disadvantages: water quality is poorer, infarction mechanical water easily, causing a greater loss of; A tiny water capital, advance user capital; Weather overheating hour, water temperature can not reach request, affecting the product qualities and efficiency. Called the chiller cooling water recycling machine, also called machine, cooling machine, refrigerator, water chiller, ice water machine, small property cold water machine, cold water machine, refrigeration units, low temperature cold water machine, laser machine, cold water in industries widely operations, so abide by the industry differences, its alias is not counted. Direct cooling is directly into the water chiller, frozen water directly to the need of product inside cooling, direct cooling off more the better. The shorten unit cold water circulation system can finalize the design fixed temperature of three-roll machine. The nature of things is more than a machine, to remove the liquid vapor through the process to shorten or hot type refrigeration cycle.

initiative cold water chiller experts pause to face: 1, the temperature is 5 degrees cold water machine, ( 20 degrees 15 degrees) , assuming a TF - The LS chillers each standard cold water machine traffic for 3 hours. Five cubic. Steam to shorten the chiller for four important component of the steam to shorten the refrigeration cycle shorten machine, evaporator, condenser, measuring partial disassembly situation so as to realize the differences of refrigerants. So at an hour when the trial this cold water machine can not only see the flow of cold water machine, I want to watch the temperature is need several many several lot, assume the trial from 58 degrees below the temperature of 7 degrees, the temperature difference is very big, it can cut per hour of frozen water, from 3. Five cubic down to more than a cube.

cold water machine for operation dou jin widely in all walks of life, so the name is not counted
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