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by:CBFI     2020-10-08
Dear customer:

because of the company's business has developed rapidly, the expansion of the scale of operation, the original plant area has not satisfied now business development and freeze-drying machines, food freeze-drying machine, pharmaceutical freeze drying machines and other refrigeration equipment production requirements. In order to meet production requirements, now the factory has been moved to Shanghai baoshan district highway 9, 2098, the plant area is expanded to the original one times.

company development up to now, in this thank you for the general new old customers has been to our trust and support, the company will wholeheartedly provide you with more quality products and services.

address: Shanghai baoshan district highway 9, 2098

phone ( The switchboard) : 021 - 51083925

fax: 021 - 51083925 - 8020

the national free telephone: 400 - 888 - 3058


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