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Advantage of the lyophilizer application on tea tea

Tea lyophilizer vacuum freeze-drying machine, also known as tea, tea and drying equipment, tea dryer at low temperature, etc. , which is directly sublimate in the vacuum state to remove fresh tea water a drying equipment. Due to the low temperature reduces the enzymes activity and decomposition reaction of thermal sensitive material, so as to make the freeze-dried tea not only can effectively retain original active ingredients of materials and the sensory quality, such as color, flavor also has quick dehydration thoroughly, after water, light quality, suitable for long-term preservation and transportation advantages, at room temperature is an extremely industrialization prospect of deep processing technology of agricultural products.

the study found that directly USES the freeze-drying mechanism for tea tea aroma with a faint scent, elegant taste, its change after drying - water extract content Vacuum freeze drying & gt; Direct drying & gt; At the beginning of drying - Vacuum freeze drying & gt; Direct freeze drying, the study also found directly by the vacuum freeze-drying of tea contains 2 - sample Eleven olefine aldehyde, palmitic acid isopropyl ester, 1 - ,6,10 - phenyl naphthalene, 2 The top 17 alkanes, phthalic acid dibutyl special aroma components etc. Leaf is compared to vacuum freeze drying and freezing and drying effect on qing scent oolong tea quality found that vacuum freeze drying tea aroma substances linalool, orange ene, & beta; - Caryophyllene, isovaleric acid ethyl benzene, & beta; - Cadinene etc. Content is higher than the freezing and drying tea, because this is accomplished under the condition of low temperature and dry, and thus effectively reduce the thermal sensitive material of the oxidation, make into a delicate aroma of tea and dried green tea and rinsing, fragrant show the sweet fragrance, taste mellow, lofty quality comprehensive evaluation is superior to the frozen and dry tea.

the lyophilizer tea, respectively, for spring, summer, autumn single clump of freeze-drying processing of tea, it is found that the lyophilization process can effectively protect the single clump of color, aroma and taste characteristics of tea, tea can effectively reduce the summer an indication, improve tea to green tea vacuum freeze drying, the results show that the amount of active ingredients retained freeze-dried processed tea samples was improved, and phenol ammonia than sample are lower than the direct drying processing, comprehensive quality comparison found that freeze-dried sample is very fresh green tea fragrance, taste fresh, pure, greatly saves the tea original color, aroma, taste and shape.

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