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Adsorption refrigeration

Adsorption refrigeration is driven by heat, it is using bivariate or multivariate working medium to realize the refrigeration cycle, this with vapor absorption refrigeration is the same. And absorption refrigeration, however, the liquid absorbent to absorb and release of the refrigerant vapor, adsorption refrigeration is a solid adsorbent for refrigerant gas adsorption and resolution. Its working principle is: use absorbent absorbed at different temperatures have different adsorption capacity of the properties, cooling and heating adsorbent, periodically alternating adsorption and stripping process. Refrigeration gas stripping, release, and make it condenses into liquid; Adsorption, refrigerant liquid evaporation and cooling effect.

batch type adsorption refrigeration system

the intermittent type is the use of solar solid adsorption refrigeration driven refrigerating machine, is mainly composed of adsorption bed, condenser and evaporator, a closed system. During the day, at ambient temperature adsorption bed heated by solar energy, began after parsing, adsorbent temperature refrigerant to stripping out from them in the system of the refrigerant vapor pressure gradually increases, the corresponding saturated pressure and environment temperature is reached, the refrigerant vapor condensed in the condenser, the release of latent heat at the same time, the cooling down of storage liquid into the evaporator. Evening, adsorption bed is cooled, adsorbent adsorption ability enhancement, then start the refrigerant vapor adsorption evaporator, which reduces the gas pressure in the system, the refrigerant in the evaporator and evaporating out at low temperatures, absorbing heat is cooling material, achieve the goal of refrigeration. If the other sources of heat, as long as the adsorption bed intermittently heating and cooling, make the adsorbent periodically produces echo adsorption, can also achieve the goal of refrigeration.

by above knowable, adsorption refrigeration also belong to liquid cooling. And vapor compression machine analogy, the adsorption quantity in the adsorption bed using temperature changes cause big changes, lead to large variation of the pressure in a closed system, so as to have the effect of the compressor. But the intermittent refrigeration adsorption system, adsorber adsorption process in the middle cold effect, after the adsorption must have an adsorbent state reduction stripping process, then it will stop.

adsorbent & ndash; working medium of choice is one of the factors affecting adsorption refrigerating machine performance of TCM. The ideal working medium for requirements within the scope of work is strong adsorption, adsorption speed, good heat transfer effect of adsorbent and large latent heat of vaporization, the boiling point meet the requirements of the refrigerant.
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