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Adjusting the thickness of the ice bridge of the snowflake ice machine

Snowflake ice maker operating instructions 1. Snowflake ice making mechanism ice operation process (1) Before starting up, check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water tank storage is reasonable (the water level has been adjusted to the correct level when the machine leaves the factory, and the user does not need to adjust it). (2) Plug in the power supply and the ice machine starts to work. First, the water pump starts to run (the water pump has a short-time air discharge process) after about 2 minutes, the compressor starts to start, and the machine enters the ice making state. (3) When the thickness of the ice cube reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe starts to start, the solenoid valve starts to work, the water pump stops working, the hot air enters the evaporator, and the ice cube falls in about 1.5 minutes. When the ice cube is falling, turn the falling ice baffle over and open the magnetic reed switch. When the reed switch is closed again, the machine enters the ice making process again. (4) Snowflake cbfi ice machine compressor will not stop during the entire ice making and deicing process. (5) When the ice storage bin is full and the reed switch cannot be automatically closed, the machine will automatically stop working. When enough ice is removed, the reed switch will be closed again, and the machine will start after a delay of 3 minutes. Ice process. 2. Adjusting the thickness of the ice bridge of the snowflake ice machine (1) The thickness of the ice bridge should be about 3mm, and the distance between the probe and the evaporator should be about 1.5mm thicker than the actual ice bridge. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise. Increase the thickness of the ice bridge (the thickness of the ice bridge changes by 1.5mm when the screw rotates 1/3 turn). (2) Check the wiring and connection bracket of the ice plate probe, and ensure that it can rotate freely so that it can return to the correct position after each ice making process. The working principle of the snowflake ice maker 1. The chilled water pump in the water storage tank of the snowflake cbfi ice machine continuously circulates through the plate or divided evaporator; 2. The compressor of the snowflake ice maker cube ice maker is sucked after operation- Compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction)-throttling-then in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10 to -18 degrees evaporate heat absorption and vaporization. Chilled water continuously condenses into an ice layer on the surface of the lower temperature evaporator at a water temperature of 0 degrees. When the ice layer has condensed to a certain thickness, after the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant reaches the temperature-controlled setting temperature, the defrosting solenoid valve is turned on, and the heat pump is often used for deicing. Realize the next cycle.
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