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According to the condenser liquid level to control the refrigerant flow problem

Filled with liquid evaporator, heat exchange tube bundle of submerged in liquid refrigerant, refrigerant liquid level height is directly influence the refrigerating capacity of the system. And refrigerant liquid level height is whether the quantity of evaporation and feed liquid can be directly said to achieve dynamic balance, heat load and system capacity match.
when heat load is bigger, the liquid industrial ice machine in the evaporator gasification faster, so did not level will drop quickly. When the control system for liquid level signal, should improve the compressor load and increase evaporator for fluid volume, in order to maintain level ( Is increase refrigerating capacity and circulation system, to meet the needs of the heat load)

full liquid type evaporator with centrifugal compressor or screw compressors used in medium and large ice water machine, system efficiency, manufacturing cost and the technical difficulty is higher. in the evaporation tube outside, can high side or low voltage side of liquid level controller, Such as floating control valve) Needed to regulate evaporator refrigerant flow, liquid level height is evaporator tube can be completely cover for the principle, boiling liquid refrigerant can be completely will wetting heat transfer surface, which can have a better heat transfer efficiency.
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