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Absorption chillers working process

Absorption chiller is made by the condensation cavity, adsorption chamber, the evaporation chamber and accumulator, its working process is divided into the adsorption process and desorption process. Adsorption process for the industrial ice machine liquid in the reservoir absorption on the surface of the evaporator heat of evaporation for steam, refrigerant vapor through the passage between the adsorption chamber and evaporation cavity into the adsorption chamber, into the industrial ice machine vapor adsorption chamber by adsorption bed adsorbent adsorption; vapor adsorption bed desorption from the desorption process through the passage between the adsorption chamber and condensing cavity into the condensing cavity, then through the condenser cooling liquid, fall into the condensing cavity effusion plate, the pipe into the accumulator, the industrial ice machine in the accumulator in the reservoir into the evaporation chamber.

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