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Absorption chiller heat exchanger of the system

Absorption system and compression type water chiller as no more heat exchanger, and set up more than the number of heat exchanger, evaporator, absorber, concentrator, condenser,. If for the secondary system, and 1 and 2 heat exchanger. The heat exchanger heat exchanger is similar to that of a compression system, it also contains the pipe.

cold water will come from the structure of the backwater of heat exchange tube, heat, and then pass it to the industrial ice machine. The cold water line is a closed loop, in addition to water treatment device, the entire loop requires little maintenance.

common absorption of several groups of another heat exchange process is heat exchange between the two kinds of heating media, namely steam, hot water, or between industrial ice machine and heat transfer of flue gas. Due to this kind of heat exchange tube bundle in the indoor temperature, until the system startup, hot water or steam into the tube bundle, it always has a larger temperature difference. But this time, due to the expansion of the heat pipe, often there will be a great power. Many manufacturers think, in this process, the whole length of the pipe can be extended 1/4 inch. Manufacturers in response to this issue have their respective methods.

most of the absorption unit manufacturers are set in the corresponding position thermometer thermometer hole, so that by measuring temperature of the solution to assess the working performance of the unit. Manufacturers at the same time for each production unit to provide proper temperature and temperature difference value.

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