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Absorption air-conditioning chiller

Absorption refrigeration is a totally different from before discussing the compressor refrigeration refrigeration process, absorption refrigeration process driven by heat as a source. When a certain quantity of heat source and the price cheap, absorption refrigeration has become a kind of air conditioning cold source of cheap and fine. In need to be adopted in the production of steam flow, USES the steam pressure is commonly 100 psig, before returning to the boiler, the steam must make its condensation. For air-conditioning chiller, the vapor condensation in the absorption chiller system is a good choice, in this case, the air-conditioning chiller will have the lowest operating cost, the other is the pump running costs related to the system. In another case, that is, in the absence of cheap ready-made steam, in the summer, natural gas is also relatively cheap fuel, fuel companies have been trying to develop summer natural consumer market, because their winter sales depends on summer sales
using water as industrial ice machine absorption chiller, but not with the compressor to generate the pressure difference. Absorption refrigeration units using such an objective fact that some of the brine solution has the enough attraction to water. The brine solution can be used to produce pressure difference. Absorption refrigeration system is used a concept: as long as the water pressure is reduced to a certain extent, the water will vaporize at low temperatures. In the absorption refrigeration & other; Absorption & throughout; The word means to absorb moisture.

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