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Absorber is used with a generator of concentrated solution, absorb the industrial ice machine vapor from the evaporator, in order to ensure the evaporation pressure. Absorber is spray heat exchanger tube and shell structure.

( 1) Spray system

the performance of the spray system, directly affects the performance of the absorber. In order to improve the effect of absorber of heat transfer, mass transfer, the lithium bromide solution must be evenly distributed on the outside of the pipe. Usually the absorber spray system with nozzle and spray type two kinds. Nozzle spray system. Under the pressure of the system is the solution together through the nozzle, the formation of uniform fog droplets, spraying on the pipe. Spray system is composed of spray tube and nozzle. According to the characteristics of nozzle spray tube, using rectangular

or circular tube, nozzle usually adopt spiral type or centrifugal nozzle. Nozzle spray system must have enough quantity of solution spray on the absorber of the pipe, can be directly spray concentrated solution, also can be concentrated solution mixed with some spray after dilute solution. But to ensure that certain spray density, forming a fully covered in the surface of the pipe of liquid membrane, to facilitate heat transfer, mass transfer.

( 2) Spray type spray system. This system usually make the solution through the drill tube plate, with many small holes through them evenly spray on the pipe. Pour plate has two kinds of pressure and gravity. Pressure type shower board is to rely on solution spray pump pressure, has a good spraying effects. Gravity type shower board is to rely on the cloth liquid box solution spray its own gravity, because of the low pressure spray, spray Angle is smaller. But the structure is simple, pump power consumption is small, so the application is common. The pipe of the absorber the pipe using pure copper tube, pipe model for light pipe or efficient heat pipe. High pipe has f form that is applied in the absorber, longitudinal groove tube, such as curvature tube, etc. The pipe is arranged in order to enhance heat transfer, mass transfer, for the purpose of a straight line, staggered rows, not equidistant line, surface, etc.

( 3) Department of exhaust tube absorber is the place that the minimum of pressure, the most appropriate accumulation no non-condensable gas, no non-condensable gas is one of the important factors affect the absorption performance, therefore, in the absorber layout to extract no non-condensable gas exhaust tube department, the best effect.
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