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About the use of cold water machine environment

About the use of cold water machine environment

widely used cold water machine, the use of environment are also quite different. Last week to visit the customers is more, for some customers to use cold water machine methods have a preliminary understanding. His cold water machine is with one customer in graphite furnace, so that you can think of the environment of the poor, because the graphite furnace can produce a lot of dust, is likely to cause certain to the cold water machine control circuit. So in this case, we should do to protect the cold water machine.

if you buy cold water machine environment is bad, just as mentioned above, not only to do some protection circuit, etc. That ordinary cleaning work is also a must. Because cold water machine is an air-cooled refrigeration, cold water machine the case will have a lot of ventilation. And the environment of the machine using the dust on the side can cause some trouble through the cooling hole on the machine. Condenser is one of the main victims of the fan through the suction to condensation of condenser, and the wind with the dust will be attached to the condenser heat sink with the wind, the passage of time will form a grey scale lead to poor cooling effect, which leads to the refrigeration effect is worse and worse. Only when we think of removing dirt may be a little late, because of long time jams could lead to a high pressure on the high side, affect the service life of the compressor. So for cold water machine use environment is relatively bad cold water machine to do regular cleaning and maintenance is very important thing. If possible it is better to put cold water machine using a dust free environment.
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