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A variety of methods to teach you pause in cold water

Blink of an eye, the summer is approaching, as if the summer of 2015 at the age of just like yesterday. Recall those years together we overtake & other Cold water machine & throughout; 。 A not only has a & other; Shanghai Oriental classic beauty - - Design and easy & throughout; 、“ The house type - - Circulating water cooling, air cooled & throughout; , and have a look at will know that a & other; There are stories - - Eleven years throughout the cold water machine production experience &; Brand cold water machine.

in order to solve the user in the face of numerous cold water machine the difficulty in the choice of the syndrome. Cold water vendors would specifically summarizes several type cold water pause methods:

the first: & other; For example type & throughout; Cold water method pause

for example: 0. 05 cubic water ( 50L) Reduced from 40 c to 27 c assumes that the cooling time for 30 minutes ( 0. 5H) Cold, cold water machine the required quantity is as follows:

answer: ( 40 - 27) 50 l / C * 0。 5 h = 1300 kcal/h or 1. 5 kw

summary: consider machines and connection pipe of water capacity, water pump power and cold cold energy loss caused by leakage; Optional 2 cooling capacity in the name of the chiller. 2 kw or 2. Small 8 kw air-cooled industrial cold water machine. The choice of cold water machine the TF - to accordingly LS - 1 HP models.

the second: & other; Text type & throughout; Cold water method issued

type cold water machine according to the size of heat of heating components and control requirements to select models:

- (1) choose the capacity matching of the cold water machine - The refrigerating capacity of the chiller calorific value must be greater than the need to be cooling.

2. Choose water flow matching - cold water machine - Water flow must be consistent with the flow of control requirements, different flow will affect the precision of temperature control.

3. Select the temperature control mode and precision machine - the cold water - - Different temperature control mode and precision directly affects whether cold water machine is suitable for running.

4. Looking for capable suppliers - - - Powerful manufacturer of cold water machine will have plenty of support. Third:

& other; Formula version & throughout; Cold water method issued

enterprise in cold water machine choice must consider the objective environment factor, choosing the appropriate type ( industrial ice machine and screw chiller) According to the capacity ( Refrigerating capacity frozen water = * 4. 187 * * temperature difference coefficient) The calculation can choose suitable cold water machine.

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