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who owns scotsman ice machines


Who Owns Scotsman Ice Machines?

Scotsman Ice Machines have been a reliable name in the ice machine industry for over half a century. From cubers to flakers, Scotsman provides a wide range of ice machines to fit the needs of any industry. However, with such a long history, many wonder who exactly owns the Scotsman brand. In this article, we will delve into the history of Scotsman and explore who owns Scotsman Ice Machines today.

A Brief History of Scotsman Ice Machines

Scotsman Ice Machines was founded in 1950 by Vernon Slade. The company began with a simple idea: to make reliable ice machines. Scotsman was able to differentiate itself in the market by producing the first ice machine that made clear, tasteless, and odorless ice. This was a game-changer for industries that required high-quality ice, such as healthcare and food service. Scotsman ice machines were known for their reliability, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance.

In the years that followed, Scotsman continued to innovate and expand its product line. The company introduced new models, such as nugget ice machines, and expanded its reach to other continents. Scotsman also has an extensive line of accessories, such as ice bins and water filtration systems, to provide comprehensive ice solutions to its customers.

Scotsman Today

Scotsman Ice Machines has seen some changes in ownership over the years. In 1989, the company was acquired by the Enodis Corporation, a global supplier of commercial food service equipment. In 2008, the Manitowoc Company acquired Enodis, which included Scotsman Ice Machines. At the time, Manitowoc was a leading global provider of ice machines and refrigeration equipment. With the addition of Scotsman, Manitowoc became the largest ice machine manufacturer in the world.

In 2016, Manitowoc announced that it was divesting its food service business to focus on its crane division. This included selling off the Scotsman brand. Scotsman was acquired by the Ali Group, a global leader in food service equipment. The Ali Group has an extensive portfolio of brands, including Taylor, Electro Freeze, and Carpigiani. With the addition of Scotsman, the Ali Group further strengthened its position in the food service industry.

Why Ali Group?

The Ali Group is a family-owned company that has been in business for over 60 years. The company is known for its expertise in the food service industry and has operations in over 100 countries. Ali Group's acquisition of Scotsman Ice Machines was a strategic move that allowed the company to expand its ice solutions portfolio.

Scotsman's reputation for reliability and quality aligns with Ali Group's commitment to providing high-quality food service equipment. The Ali Group has a strong focus on research and development, and this acquisition allows the company to continue innovating in the ice machine industry.


In conclusion, Scotsman Ice Machines has evolved over the years but has always maintained its commitment to quality and reliability. While ownership has changed hands several times, the brand has stayed true to its roots. Today, Scotsman is a part of the Ali Group, a family-owned company with a strong focus on providing high-quality food service equipment. The Scotsman brand remains a leading name in the ice machine industry and continues to provide innovative solutions to businesses around the world.


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