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how to make ice cube machine


How to Make Your Own Ice Cube Machine: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are tired of having to go to the store every time you need ice, then it's time to learn how to make your own ice cube machine. Not only is it a fun project to work on, but it also saves you money in the long run. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to build your own ice cube machine, from sourcing materials to assembly and maintenance.

Materials Needed

- Large plastic container with a lid (such as a storage bin)

- PVC pipe (1/2 inch)

- PVC elbow joints (1/2 inch)

- PVC end cap (1/2 inch)

- Water pump (200 GPH or higher)

- Aquarium tubing (1/2 inch diameter)

- Drill

- Hole saw (1/2 inch)

- Teflon tape

Subheading 1: Preparing the Container

The first step in making your own ice cube machine is finding a large plastic container with a lid. This container will serve as the base of your ice cube maker, and it should be large enough to hold the amount of ice you need. Cut a hole in the lid of the container with a hole saw to fit the PVC pipe. The hole should be snug enough to hold the PVC pipe firmly.

Subheading 2: Installing the PVC Pipe and Fittings

Cut the PVC pipe to fit the height of your container. Install the PVC elbow joints on either end of the pipe, and use Teflon tape to secure the connections. On one end of the pipe, install the PVC end cap. This will be the side that faces to the bottom of the container.

Subheading 3: Connecting the Water Pump

Install the water pump to the PVC pipe using the aquarium tubing. Place the pump on the bottom of the container and feed the tubing through the PVC pipe. Be sure to secure the tubing with Teflon tape to prevent any leaks.

Subheading 4: Filling the Container with Water

Fill the container with water, but do not fill it to the top. Leave about an inch of space between the water level and the top of the container. Turn on the water pump, and the water should start flowing up the PVC pipe and out of the end cap. The water will then cascade down the outside of the pipe and into the container.

Subheading 5: Making the Ice

Once the water starts cascading down the PVC pipe, you can start making the ice. Place the container in a cool place and let the water cycle through the machine until the water freezes into ice cubes. Once the ice is formed, remove the container from the machine and dump the ice cubes into a freezer-safe bag or container. Repeat the process as needed.


Building your own ice cube machine is a great DIY project that anyone can do. With a little patience and some basic tools, you can have your own ice cubes maker in no time. So why not give it a try and never run out of ice again?


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