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how to make ice block machine



Ice block machines are an essential element of convenience stores, retail shops, and restaurants where a consistent supply of ice is a requirement. While purchasing an ice block machine can be expensive, creating an ice block machine at home can save you money and provide the convenience of having a constant supply of ice.

This article will outline the process of making an ice block machine at home, including the necessary materials and steps.

Materials Required

The required materials for making an ice block machine include:

1. Insulated container to hold the ice

2. A container that fits inside the insulated container to create the ice block

3. A water pump

4. PVC pipe

5. Hose

6. Water reservoir

7. Ice

Steps to Make Ice Block Machine

Here are the steps involved in making an ice block machine:

1. First, you need to choose the size of the container you want to use as the insulated container. The size of the container mostly depends on the size of the ice block you intend to create. For instance, if you want a small ice block, you may choose a container of around four to five gallons capacity.

2. Once you have the insulated container, you need to get a container that fits inside the insulated container. This container will be used for creating the ice block. The container size depends on the size of the insulated container.

3. After choosing the two containers, you need to drill holes in the insulated container's lid to fit the PVC pipe, water pump, and hoses. Make sure to make the holes of the right size to prevent water leakage.

4. Next, place the container that fits inside the insulated container at the bottom of the insulated container. You can use Styrofoam to create a gap between the two containers if there is a lot of space.

5. Place the pump inside the water reservoir and connect the hose to the discharge port of the pump.

6. The next step is to connect the hoses to the water reservoir and PVC pipe. The PVC pipe needs to be long enough to reach the top of the ice block container.

7. After that, fill the water reservoir with clean water and switch on the water pump. Test the system and make sure that water flows through the PVC pipe and spills on top of the container.

8. Once the water flows, fill the ice block container with clean water and place it inside the insulated container. Make sure that the PVC pipe reaches the top of the ice block container.

9. Switch on the pump and wait for the water to freeze. The ice block should take a few hours to freeze and form a solid block.

10. After the ice block has formed, separate the inner container from the ice block and store it in a freezer for future use.


In conclusion, making an ice block machine at home is an easy process if you have the required materials and follow the steps outlined above. With the convenience of a constant supply of ice and the savings that come with it, making your ice block machine is an investment worth considering.


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