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do european hotels have ice machines


Do European hotels have ice machines? The question on the minds of many travelers, especially those coming from the United States where it's common to have ice machines readily available in hotel hallways or on each floor.

In this article, we'll dive into the topic of ice machines in European hotels, their availability, and what other options travelers have for obtaining ice.

What is an ice machine?

Ice machines, also known as ice makers, are devices that produce ice cubes or crushed ice. They are commonly found in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues as a convenience for guests or customers.

Do European hotels have ice machines?

The short answer is no, ice machines are not as common in European hotels as they are in the United States. In fact, many European hotels do not have ice machines at all. Instead, hotels in Europe tend to offer other options for guests to obtain ice.

What are the alternatives for obtaining ice in European hotels?

One common alternative is to order drinks in restaurants or bars where ice is readily available. Another option is to request ice from the hotel bar or restaurant, as they often have an ice machine on site. Some hotels also offer ice buckets that can be delivered to guest rooms upon request.

Are there any downsides to not having ice machines?

One downside to not having ice machines readily available is the inconvenience of having to request ice or go to a restaurant or bar to obtain it. Additionally, some travelers may be used to having accessible ice machines at all times and having to adjust to not having that option can be frustrating.

Are there any benefits to not having ice machines?

There are some potential benefits to not having ice machines in European hotels. For example, ice machines can be noisy and disruptive to guests trying to sleep. Additionally, the use of ice machines can contribute to environmental waste, as the machines require energy and often use plastic bags or containers to store and transport ice.

What should travelers do if they need access to ice?

The best course of action for travelers is to be prepared and bring their own portable ice maker or ice pack. These can be purchased online or at travel stores and are an easy and convenient way to have access to ice without having to rely on hotel amenities.

In conclusion, while ice machines are not as common in European hotels, there are alternative options available for travelers. Whether it's ordering drinks at a restaurant or bringing your own portable ice maker, it's important to plan ahead and be prepared for your travel needs.


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