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A common problem analysis air-cooled water chiller refrigeration system design

A, air-cooled water chillers, Heat pump) Mainly by the compressor, air cooled condenser, electromagnetic four-way reversing valve, the throttling expansion mechanism, plate heat exchanger and accessory parts gas-liquid separator, oil separator, filter and check valve parts. Summer refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant in the system by the solid arrow mark direction; Winter heating cycle, the industrial ice machine in the system according to the dotted arrows mark direction. Change in the direction of refrigerant is controlled by the four-way reversing valve. Air-cooled condenser by axial flow fan for cooling, summer is exothermic, opposite in winter. Plate heat exchanger by refrigerant evaporation and cooling in summer, the chilled water from water pump pumping to indoor fan coil units, by centrifugal fan to blow a cold wind over indoor fan coil. Winter, on the other hand, the plate heat exchanger into heater, hot water from the pump pumping to indoor fan coil units, by the centrifugal fan to blow hot air indoor fan-coil tube. Pressure protective system of high and low pressure switch, when the pressure is too high or too low pressure switch, disconnect protection compressor compressor circuit is not damaged. The role of the gas-liquid separator is to make the liquid refrigerant and gaseous refrigerant liquid separation to avoid compressor ( The wet stroke) 。

2, about the wind cold water machine used refrigerants, conditional choose small impact on the environment as far as possible when the refrigerant, such as everything, R407C, which should be optimized R407C, followed by everything; From the refrigerant price consideration, is currently the cheapest R22.

3, liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and began to evaporate, eventually formed certain temperature difference between refrigerant and water, liquid refrigerant also completely evaporate into gas, compressor suction and compression (after Increase pressure and temperature) , gaseous refrigerant through the condenser heat, condenses into a liquid. Through the expansion valve ( Or capillary) The throttle into low temperature low pressure refrigerant entering the evaporator, after complete the refrigerant cycle. Water pump will pump water from the tank to the user must be cooling equipment, chilled water to take away heat temperature, after back to frozen water tank. Including the power supply and automatic control part. The power part is through the contactor, the compressor, fan, water pump, power supply, etc. Automatic control part includes the thermostat, pressure protection, overload protection, delay timer, relay mutual combination to root tree water temperature automatic start-stop, protection, and other functions.

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