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a case of liability and a leaky ice maker

When I was out of town, the water pipe from my ice machine leaked, causing damage to the ceiling of the apartment below. The co-
The Op management agent charged my account for repairs and I submitted my bill to my insurance company.
But the company will not compensate me for the loss because it claims that I have no legal liability because I have not noticed the issue and have not committed any negligence.
I have asked the admin to cancel the charge but he refused to do so.
I told him that the company could take me to court because the insurance company told me that it would comply with the judge\'s decision.
The manager replied: \"negligence is not a factor in determining responsibility and the company is not bound by your insurance carrier and cannot be insured for you.
Damage has been caused to your property and the fee will remain on your bill until it is paid.
What is my responsibility in this case?
Alan Cook, a Manhattan real estate lawyer, said the complication here is that the legal definition of negligence is vague and an integral part of endless costly litigation.
He said that from the point of view of the management agent, the tenant was at fault because it was his ice machine that caused the problem.
The tenant is to prove that he is not negligent and not responsible for the damage. He must bring the management company and the partner.
Op filed a lawsuit with the court to obtain such a ruling or to wait for cooperation
He said the op would sue him and defend the issue in court.
The real problem is that the tenant may actually be negligent and may lose the lawsuit. âx80x9d(Legally, Mr.
Even without negligence, the management agent does not correctly say that the tenant is responsible, Kucker said. )
He noted that tenants are buying insurance to avoid this legal dilemma.
The insurance policy for most tenants covers an insurance called \"Danger\", that is, the accidental discharge of water from household appliancesKucker said.
Therefore, it does not matter whether negligence is involved.
One of the writer\'s options is to file a lawsuit against his insurance company in the state Supreme Court to enforce the coverage.
He said that perhaps his lawyer wrote a strongly worded letter threatening that it would work.
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I would like to know which insurance company refuses to pay so that I can avoid buying insurance from them.
Why is this highly relevant fact missing?
It\'s really cheesy that your insurance company doesn\'t pay.
Ask them if they know how to spell malicious.
When I bought r insurance for my apartment, I questioned if I really needed it.
My agent explained that in the event of a leak in the above mentioned apartment, they would be responsible for the damage to the apartment, but not for my item, which is why insurance matters.
I know it is not suitable for this situation, but I think it is worth mentioning.
The same thing happened to me too-is this GE Artica?
Google products, icemaker, consumer and product reviews.
This is obviously caused by a motherboard failure.
Property losses exceeded $35,000.
Some people are obviously happy with GE.
I have heard of several leaking ice machine causing floods in the apartment . . . . . . Do you know the reason for what brand it is?
Is it GE Artica mentioned in the comments?
Is there anyone else to pay attention?
Of the 4 to 5 leaks I fixed, this was because the CBFI ice makerhad debris from the water supply that blocked the entrance.
When the CBFI ice makerneeds water, the pressure increases and the water supply hose is squeezed out of the clip on the water inlet.
Now it falls on the floor.
Compressed air enters the air intake and blows out bebris, which is usually fixed.
Are we going to sue water companies, Plumbing Manufacturers, landlords, refrigerator retailers?
Oh, hell, let\'s eat outside all the time.
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One of my tenants died recently and she has a year left on her lease.
The lease provides that her estate is responsible for the remainder of the lease, which respects this.
If I find a new tenant before the lease expires, do I have the legal right to continue to charge rent from the property?
I\'m not going to renew my lease for my apartment in Manhattan.
How much notice do I need to give the landlord?
I bought my co-
It hasn\'t lost or gained any value about three years ago.
I want to sell and buy a bigger one in the same building,
The Op charges a 5% flip tax.
I have to spend a lot of money with the broker\'s commission.
Is it legal to charge a flip tax when a person buys and sells within the same building?
Readmore . . . . . . The management agent of our apartment urged the owners to reduce the board members from 9 to 5 to improve efficiency.
The building has 47 apartments and 3 retail stores.
The sponsor owns these stores and has the right to appoint a board member.
Is it recommended to reduce the price?
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