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40 Tons Per Day Automatic Flake Ice System, Mozambique

40 Tons Per Day Automatic Flake Ice System, Mozambique

Project Mainly Involve Products


Containerized Flake Ice Machine

The containerized flake ice machine is a flake ice manufacturing system pre-installed in a container. It has the advantages of convenient transportation and easy installation after arrival.

Ice Raking Storage System

The ice raking system is an automatic system installed in the cold storage, which can automatically organize the ice layer, effectively use the space for ice storage, and automatically move the ice out of the storage.





Customer Type

End User


Customer Demand

Customer has added more boats, so they need more ice. And they want to sell ice to boats of other companies.

Our automatic ice making system can produce ice 24 hours a day and can automatically move ice out and automatically weigh ice. It not only ensures the production of ice, but also improves the efficiency of ice taking by ships. And among the same kind of system, it is very cost-effective. Therefore, the customer chose to buy from us.


Ice Factory Location

Next to the port, ships come frequently every day.


Flake Ice Application

Flake ice is generally used in industrial cooling, long-distance fishing, vegetable distribution and preservation, seafood preservation, food processing, chemical dyes, food quick-freezing, concrete mixing and other areas. In this project, flake ice is used for seafood preservation.