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40 square pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine using operating points for attention

40 square pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine using operating precautions:

1. Banning the use of pipeline as bearing escalator.

2. Equipment operators, please read carefully the instructions before operation, after the training of qualified rear can be carried out the operation of the machine.

3. Random computer as machine operation with dedicated computer, banned optional installation of other software, with other mobile hardware connection, the invasion of the computer virus;

4. When plate layer overall rise, plate layer bottom bracket and the bottom of the box had better not more than 500 mm, so as to avoid metal hose pulled bad.

5. After using jacketed cooling water cooling, please make sure that the water in the jacketed emissions is clean, in order to prevent the water in the jacket is frozen into ice will be jacketed frost crack; Asked drainage must put air valve is opened, the jacket also suggested that the drain valve has been in a normally open state.

6. Before for tamponade operation, must ensure that schering bottles evenly covered with layers of every board. If there is no evenly fill plate layer, schering bottles for tamponade procedures when there is the risk of crush schering bottles. If not enough schering bottles is full of the whole board layer, also want to ensure uniform schering bottles layer distribution in the plate.

7. Sterile filter may be in a state of over-voltage or under-voltage, equipment use of banned removed.

8. When leak detection is carried out on the system, it is suggested that using nitrogen, do not use other gas, lest produce risk.

9. Near the freeze-drying machine or prior to any welding operation, please cut off the PLC and all electronic equipment power supply, to ensure that the welding arc interference will not cause damage to electronic equipment.

10. Oil cylinder hydraulic work safety pressure:

layer plate lifting oil cylinder pressure: from 20 to 80 bar

the mushroom valve cylinder pressure: 20 ~ 60 bar

oil cylinder maximum working pressure should not exceed 80 bar

run over the pressure, may cause damage to the machine, contact the manufacturer;

11. Then open the electrical appliances front, please make sure the total power shut down. If the equipment installation UPS power supply, even shut down the total power switch electrical cabinet, there are still high voltage. Please refer to the relevant electrical drawings.

12. In order to ensure the normal operation of the lyophilizer, we suggest that under the condition of less than 32 ℃ environment to run the lyophilizer.

13. In the process of handling or in place of the machine, must grasp the machine's center of gravity, prevent the machine from the dumping.

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