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2020 Asia-apacific Intelligent Fresh and Cold Chain technology exhibition


Guangzhou Icesourece refrigeration “LCCP” was officially presented at the Asia-apacific intelligent fresh and cold room chain technology exhibition 2020.

 From August 3rd to 5th, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd was invited to participated in the Asia-apacific intelligent fresh and cold chain technology exhibition 2020. In this exhibition, various ice-making equipment and “LCCP” concept refrigerator introduced Icesource not only attracted a large number of professional visitors to visit and consult, but also provided a new development platform and cooperation opportunity for the exchange and cooperation among colleagues.



During the exhibition, many visitors from all over the country and all walks of life expressed great interest in the “LCCP” cold storage concept board placed nest to the booth when passing by the ince-spring booth, and came to the booth for further understanding. After the explanation by the professionals of Incesource, everyone agreed with the concept has really improved the cleanliness and comfort level of the whole food chain logistics source.

One of them, Mr.Deng, who works in the fresh produce industry, said his fresh production plant now faced two biggest problems. First, the workshop is unable to meet the due standard of healthy food delivery, so that the fresh quality is greatly reduced; secondly, the low temperature setting in the workshop cannot be controlled evenly throughout the day. Because the fresh time is not fixed, often in the early morning delivery. Aiming at these two problems, the professional sales staff of icesource simply planned the solution for him on site and put forward reasonable suggestion. Their professionalism and feasibility were recognized by Mr. Deng, and they expressed their willingness t go to the company for further field investigation later.


news-2020 Asia-apacific Intelligent Fresh and Cold Chain technology exhibition-CBFI-img

news-CBFI-2020 Asia-apacific Intelligent Fresh and Cold Chain technology exhibition-img


Over the past two years, entrepreneurs and capitalists have battled over the new retail space. As an important part of the new retail -fresh retail. Alibaba and Tencent have already invested heavily, and Jingdong, Yonghui and Suning have also entered the market one after another. It is worth mentioning that these giants do not treat fresh retail as a simple occupation and and indirect capital participation, but choose to roll up the their sleeves and work by themselves, placing fresh retail at a high strategic position for industrial layout. Tecent’s Daily Youxian, Aliabab’s Hemaxianshen,’s 7Fresh, Yonghui’s super species, Suning’s suning store. The giants have marched in and the battle is getting fiercer.

According to data from Foresight Industrial Research Institute, the transaction scale of China’s fresh food market has reached 1.91 trillion yuan in 2018, with a year-on-year growth of 6.9%, and has maintained a growth rate of at least 6% since 2013. It is estimated that the size of China’s fresh food market will reach 2.31 trillion yuan in 2020. The backdrop remains China’s rising per capita income and rising levels of consumption. The fresh market not only has huge potential, but also shows the characteristics of less purchase but more frequent consumption, which can bring huge flow and has a very high ceiling of the industry.

At the same time also bring huge fresh cold chain to build market, however, our country’s current refrigeration industry without strict industry standard, but often by GMP food factory requires rules as cost drill loophole laws and regulations, party a province to now really can achieve “low temperature comfortable clean processing workshop” fresh cold chain processing center is not much, the whole industry is lack of project implementation experience.



As a subsidiary of Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd, Bingyuan is an internationalized cold storage solution service provider based in China and facing the whole world, integrating cold storage development, design, production, construction, installation and after-sales service. The company specialized in building all kinds of middle and high-end cold storage, focusing on food processing workshops in line with the “LCCP” concept, and is committed to building a safe, environmental friendly, low temperature, efficient and comfortable food processing environment, improving food quality, and ensuring food safety from the source. Food and medicine cold storage, safety from the source. Food and medicine cold storage, automatic three-dimensional cold storage, large indoor ice and snow amusement park, large comprehensive cold storage, ect, which meet GMP certification, are widely used in food processing, medicine and medical treatment, indoor ice and snow entertainment, food storage and other industries. Since the concept was proposed, it has established friendly cooperative relations with many enterprises, such as Qian dama, No.1 Food, Ho’s aquatic products, etc.


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In the future, bingyuan will strive to extend the “LCCP” concept to more links of food cold storage chain logistics, create a complete and safe environment for food cold chain logistics, and improve food safery on the basis of ensuring the integrity of the cold.




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