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20 Tons Per Day Cube Ice Plant, Zhengzhou, China

20 Tons Per Day Cube Ice Plant, Zhengzhou, China

Project Mainly Involve Products


Cube Ice Machine

There are four sets of 5 tons 24 hrs cube ice machine, which are using the same refrigeration unit. The cube ice machines are special designed for the customer. The evaporators are seperated from the refrigeration unit. The production is flexible that customer may choose to use 1 to 4 sets of 5 tons evaporators. And the ice mchine is working on the third floor, the ice packing is on the second floor. So a conveyor is used for the ice transportation. 

Screw Ice Bin

There is a big ice bin for ice temporary storage. And a stainless steel screw is used to screw the ice out of the bin. Workers seat by the ice outlet and hold the plastic bag to catch the cube ice. This saves a lot of labor for the customer.

Ice Storage with Cold Source

There is an large ice storage next to the ice packing area. Packed ice bags are put into the ice storage through the door near the area. And the workers who deliver the ice bags may use another door near the exit to get the ice bags.





Customer Type

Ice Saler


Customer Demand

Customer is an ice saler, he used to use small cube ice machine, which is only capable of making 300 kg ice per set. And the electricity consumption is very high. And he needs one worker for two or three sets of ice machine. Because workers need to fetch the cube ice from the small cube ice machine in time. And the land occupation of the small ice cube machines is large. His ice plant is in a flat, he could not buy or rent any other floors. Although the ice business is booming, he was able to do nothing but worry.    

Why Choose Us


Our cube ice plant solution helps him well. Our president Mr.Yang went to his place, and found out his trouble. Mr.Yang asked the engineer team to design a solution for him.

The ice plant is seperated to the two floors. The third floor is the ice making floor. All ice machines are working on the floor. The second floor is the ice packing area and ice storage. And the first floor is the office and business negotiation area.

We provide professional ice plant planning and design to fully use the land space our customer has. And the environment of the ice plant is much better than before.


Ice Factory Location

In a flat close to the CBD


Cube Ice Application

Cube ice is one of the most welcomed edible ice in the world. It is widely used for cooling of drinks and food.