by:CBFI     2020-09-27
Cold water machine as a for machinery and equipment, laboratory equipment, such as cooling of the cooling unit, industrial mechanization in our country has an indelible role on the road. So the energy consumption of cold water machine than good or bad is also important, cold water machine manufacturers below small make up to analyze the factors affecting energy consumption of cold water machine.

have more influence on the energy consumption of cold water machine of water system operation parameters are: temperature of supply water, cooling water flow rate and inlet temperature of cooling water. The temperature rise of supply water, the refrigerator refrigeration efficiency ( The COP value) To increase monotonically. Reduce the cooling water flow rate, lower heat transfer efficiency of the chiller condenser, cooling water temperature rise above the water, the impact on the chiller COP value is negative. Cooling water outlet temperature rise, means that the chiller condensing temperature and condensing pressure has increased, the chiller COP value will decline.

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