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16 important factors that must be considered for cold storage installation

16 important factors that must be considered when installing a cold storage    When installing a cold storage, the most important thing is to be able to do our most basic things well, and to be able to put ourselves in the place for the sake of our customers. So what exactly should the cold storage be installed? Let's take a look!   1. The cold storage is installed in a strong and stable place.   2. The cold storage is installed in a place with good ventilation and low humidity, and the cold storage is installed in a place protected from light and rain.  3. Drainage from the cold storage is discharged through a drain pipe. Water is often drained, so direct the drain to a place where it can circulate smoothly.   4. The installation of the combined cold storage requires a horizontal concrete base. When the foundation is inclined and uneven, the foundation must be repaired and leveled.   5. The partition wall of the combined cold storage shall be fixed with the partition angle steel. Source of this article: Refrigeration quotation    6. After the combined cold storage body is installed, check the fit of each board seam. When necessary, the inside and outside should be filled with silica gel.  7, the cold storage should leave the heating appliance.   8. Uninstalling a U-shaped pipe on the drain pipe sometimes causes the unit to be corroded.  9. When the cold storage is in a hot place, not only the cooling efficiency will decrease, but the storage board will sometimes be damaged. In addition, the ambient temperature to ensure the normal operation of the unit is within 35 degrees. Also leave room for overhaul of the unit.   10. When putting together the board, pay attention to sticking the sponge tape on the convex edge of the warehouse board completely. When installing the cold storage board, do not collide. The sponge tape sticking position.  11. U-shaped pipes must be installed on the drain pipes. U-shaped pipes can prevent air-conditioning leakage, insects, and mice from invading.  12. Due to the wide variety of cold storage panels, please refer to the 'Assembly Schematic Diagram of Cold Storage' when installing mobile cold storage.  13. When tightening the hook, apply force slowly and evenly until the board is closed. Do not use excessive force to prevent the hook box from pulling out.  14. The combined cold storage is used inside the house. When installed outside the house, a house cover should be installed to block sunlight and rain.   15. After the pipeline and electrical installation are completed, all the pipelines on the combined cold storage board are perforated and must be sealed with waterproof silica gel.   16. After the cold storage is installed, sometimes condensation will appear before the concrete base is dry. During the rainy season, when the humidity is abnormally high, condensation will appear on the joints of the slabs. In very small cases, condensation will also appear on the refurbished slabs.
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