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16 detailed factors that must be paid attention to in cold storage installation!


  The location of the cold storage project installation is very important. There are also some detailed factors in the installation that need to be paid attention to. The cold storage installation also needs to be considered for the customer. There is a saying that 'details determine success or failureToday, the editor will take you to see 16 important details that must be considered for cold storage installation.

   1. It is best to choose a place with good ventilation and low humidity for cold storage installation.   2. The cold storage must be installed in a place where the foundation is heavy and the ground is flat and stable.  3. The cold storage cannot be located in a hot place, and it must be far away from heating appliances, otherwise the cooling efficiency will drop a lot, and the storage board and refrigeration equipment will be easily damaged.   4. The cold storage is best installed inside the house. If it is outdoors, it needs to be protected from direct sunlight and sheltered from wind and rain.  5. The cold storage needs to drain waste water frequently, and it must be in a place with smooth drainage and convenient drainage of pipes.   6. The general cold storage is installed on a horizontal concrete base. If the base is uneven or inclined, the base needs to be repaired flat and stable.   7. In the combined cold storage project, it is necessary to fix the partition wall with partition angle steel.   8. When putting together boards, pay attention to the sponge tape on the convex edge of the library board, and don't collide with the pasting position.  9. There are many types of cold storage panels. When installing an active cold storage, you must refer to the instructions and assembly diagrams.   10. When tightening the hook in the cold storage, you need to apply force slowly and evenly. When the board is closed, do not use excessive force to prevent the hook box from pulling out.  11. After the cold storage piping and electrical installation are completed, all pipe perforations and other small holes on the cold storage board must be strictly sealed with waterproof silica gel.   12. After the cold storage body is installed, it is necessary to check the fit of the gaps between the plates. If there is a gap, the inside and outside need to be filled with silica gel.   13. It is best to install U-shaped pipes for the drainage pipes of the cold storage to prevent air-conditioning from leaking and prevent insects and mice from invading. If it is not installed, it is easy to cause the unit to be corroded.  14. After the cold storage is installed, condensation may sometimes appear before the concrete base is completely dry. During the rainy season or when the humidity is very high, condensation may also appear in the cracks of the cold storage board.   15. The ambient temperature range of the cold storage to ensure the normal operation of the unit is within 35 degrees.   16. There is a need to leave space around the cold storage unit for inspection and repair of the unit.

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