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10Tons Tube ice Plant, Philippines

10Tons Tube ice Plant, Philippines

Project Mainly Involve Products

1、10 Tons Tube Ice Machine

2、800kg Ice bin

3、750L Water purifier

4、650L Water Chiller Unit

5、50 Cubic Mete Ice Storage

6、Simple packing equipment





Customer Type

Ice Factory Boss



Customer Demand

10Tons Tube ice Plant

Why Choose Us

1. Provide a professional quotation plan for customers.

2. Customers recognize CBFI's product quality and service quality.

3. A large number of successful customer cases.

4. The Philippines has subsidiaries that can provide more services to customers.

Ice Factory Location

In Manila, Philippines

Tube Ice Application

It has a hollow or solid cylinder that is widely used for beverage cooling in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.