1 p - FB Tian Feng cold water electrical and mechanical way

by:CBFI     2020-10-19
Recently, hot summer, continuous high temperature, the life, has a lot of business opportunities to the refrigeration industry. Increase our list, the production of pressure change, schedule tight. In order to ensure efficiency, small make up take the initiative to apply for to do can do manual work in the workshop.

production division of labor is clear, the production line process, from picking, cutting, classification, assembly, welding, suppression, leakage test each step have special piece basis, the efficiency of mature driven system is stable. This refrigeration production line, let me feel clear goal, energy.

assigned to 1 p - FB cold water machine production line, from the beginning start out. The length of the cut wire on demand to the response, by type to classify the corresponding wire into a different basket. The number of clear cut already. After enough, began to electrical wiring installation bolt, insert, and connectors. These simple live, for workshop teacher one half a day can be done, but I spent the whole day, though quality is good, but really obvious gap compared with that of the master craftsmanship, from the start of the thread is bad, to the back of the hand was easy, only that practice makes perfect, the heart is the most important.

the most interested in circuit link, just know anything is not easy. 1 p - FB in our department is a very simple machine type, but looking at the yellow, red, blue, so many wires or a tight in my heart. According to the teaching of the workshop director, according to the sample used step by step following the overhand, feeling is very good. First is the switch, the switch of the division I all use imported switch, ensure the quality, it has six thrum, attached to the corresponding wire, respectively, from the machine surface line, with cable tie is good, clean lines, beautiful, all the joint of the electric wires to the switch with tin welding solidification, and binding with heat shrinkable belt, guarantee the fastening of the interface and security. Taking the panel switch link to the middle of capacitance and compressor. Imported compressor looks really very pretty good quality and size, the interface circuit is not only strong, and very standard, in order to make the interface binding, we use the electricity connecting piece is full of a smaller size than the compressor model interfaces, pry open jumper, him and the compressor are linked together, and then use protection holster cover tightly. Capacitance plays a protective role, a total of six interface, respectively to the fan, compressor, condenser heat supply. After these plugs, looked at his messy line, look at the director of in an orderly way, that they are still very knew who to continue to cut to the Ming.

to learn engineering, the most important still is in practice, due to the cold water machine with production experience, in line with their own understanding, finally understand, every thing, every line has it own difficulties, come on to overcome difficulties, to change yourself, or success. Every colleague, wish the company can overcome the difficulties, in this way can company with us, getting better and better.
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